Boeing 737-400 Cockpit Flight LCLK-LGTS | Cockpit Takeoff and Landing | GoPro Full Flight

4 Novembre 2015da admin
Pubblicato il 11 mag 2015

Ride in the cockpit of this classic Boeing 737-400 and watch each and every cockpit procedure in a typical passenger flight from Larnaca, Cyprus to Salonica, Greece, during a beautiful spring day! Want more cockpit videos?

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*More about this video*

It’s the magic of a classic cockpit: the sound, yokes moving, all the round gauges… A spectacular sight to see which I am bringing you free to enjoy! Here is a typical passenger flight from Larnaca International airport, Cyprus, to Thessaloniki’s Macedonia International airport, Greece, during a beautiful cloudy spring day. All procedures are included, including clearance delivery, pushback, startup, taxi to the runway, takeoff, climb, descent, approach, landing, taxi to the gate and shutdown, all filmed from the cockpit, including views of the yokes and the throttle quadrant in operation during takeoff and landing!




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