Miami International Airport

7 Aprile 2016

Flight LX 64 from Zurich to Miami / July 31 2015

After a 9 hour 45 minute flight from Zurich Switzerland, Miami welcomed us with a front of severe thunderstorms, hail and high wind gusts, prompting Miami International Airport to close for more than 2 hours.

Many flights were diverted to Tampa or Orlando that afternoon – we were lucky given the circumstances and just vectored around Florida towards the Florida Keys, Cuba and than upwards the Florida Gulf Coast before final vectors for a landing on RWY26R.

Look at the amazing waterspray caused by the reversers, giving in impression about the amount of water on the runway.

Total airborne time was 10 hours and 50 minutes and then another hour of hold and taxi on the ground until we reached the gate.

Kudos to the pilots really – manual landing / autopilot disconnect sound at 21:48, and then nicely correcting a strong windgust / nose-up pitch at 22:34 – great flight and amazing landing

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