Minsk to Grodno

13 Novembre 2016


Being tempted by the idea to join the final scheduled flight of Belavia’s legendary TU-154M on a rotation from Minsk to St. Petersburg and back, it just made sense to change my usual access to Belarus from a direct flight from Frankfurt to a Motor Sich Airlines flight from Zaporizhia, Ukraine.



Especially, because a YAK-40 and an AN-140 have been planned for scenic flights out of Minsk, the possibility was likely to get a two hour YAK-40 and a two hour AN-140 ride in and out of Minsk for 150 EUR.

Once in Zaporizhia, I could not resist the idea to explore once again the network of this very unusual and unique fine little airline, operating solely aircraft of Soviet and Ukrainian production, equipped with engines developed and manufactured by the Motor Sich Engine Plant.

It was a tough decision whether or whether not to join a very tempting ferry flight back from Minsk to Grodno airport close to the Polish border on board Grodno Avia’s AN-30 right after arrival from Zaporizhia.


Weather forecast for Minsk on this Saturday could not be worse, ground visibility of Zero forecasted. However, the low pressure zone accompanied by a gigantic rain front moved forward slower than expected and was not to reach Minsk before Sunday night.


So, it was a quick decision to spend money and jump on board my very first flight on board AN-30 with a passenger load on only two ! The crew was very accomodating and understanding and provided all possible seats including cockpit for filming on this 47 minute ride.

This flight on board AN-30 was the third flight on this tour.

History of Antonov 30M EW-281CN

Airframe 1402 was manufactured 1978 at the Aviant factory, delivered to the Division of Central Provinces of Aeroflot on March 27, 1978 and based at Myachkovo, registered CCCP-30001.


CCCP-30001 was registered RA-30001, September 23, 1993. RA-30001 was temporarily stored at Myachkovo after October 6, 1999. She was sold to Geodynamika based at Myachkovo
August 7, 2002. Stored from June 16, 2010 and sold to Grodno Aviakompania based at Grodno, Belarus. RA-30001 was registered EW-281CN, September 27, 2011 and is currently active.

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Flight details
Flight : GRX 3003
Date : Saturday, October 8, 2016
Aircraft : AN-30M
Registration : EW-281CN
Previous registrations :
CCCP-30001 (Aeroflot)
RA-30001 (Geodynamika)
Built : 1978
From : Minsk (MSQ)
To : Grodno (GNA)
Take off : 16.16 h (13.16 UTC)
Touch down : 17.03 h (14.03 UTC)
Flying time : 47 minutes
Flying distance : 264 km
Altitude : 10.000 ft
Speed : 390 km/h
Captain : Trushkin
2nd Pilot : Larin
Flight Engineer : Deun
Navigator : Kachalov, Oleg Vladimirovich
Technician : Zayac
Technician : Chuchel

Fonte:Daniel Frohriep-Ichihara


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